Friday, May 30, 2014

Feature Friday: Solar Roadways

I come across more and more REALLY COOL THINGS that people have designed and made every day. Really cool things that I want to share with you guys, and that I think definitely deserve the publicity. I've decided to pick a project, plan, or product every week that I want to share the sheer awesomeness of.

This week, let's talk about the recently crowd-funded Solar Roadways.

A company run by a couple, Julie and Scott Brenshaw, Solar Roadways promises to bring clean energy to the streets. The two have developed a modular solar grid system, and they plan to cover every sidewalk, highway, and streetside across America that's been wasting away under the beaming sun. It's a far fetched plan for clean energy, but it's raised 1.6 million on indieagogo already, and the funding keeps coming.

Not only that, the couple proposes that their durable solar panels be equipped with LEDs to create light up symbols and warnings on the road, heating, to melt snow on the road, powering electric cars as they drive, and so much more. 

The solar roadways project is incredible because it is able to tie in so many under realized technologies (solar panels, electric cars, etc.) I would give you the numbers, but I think it's more effective if they do it themselves. Their fundraiser was so successful, it was extended for another two weeks. Everyone should take a look at this project, because it might be the future of our roads. "Walking on Sunshine" indeed.